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Levi drawing by Maddie-dite13 Levi drawing :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 1 0 Lisa Loud drawing by Maddie-dite13 Lisa Loud drawing :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 2 1 Lisa Loud drawing 4 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa Loud drawing 4 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 1 1 Lisa Loud drawing 3 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa Loud drawing 3 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 2 1 Lisa Loud drawing 2 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa Loud drawing 2 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 2 1 Lisa Loud drawing 1 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa Loud drawing 1 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 2 1 Lisa drawing by Maddie-dite13 Lisa drawing :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 0 0 Lisa drawing 4 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa drawing 4 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 0 0 Lisa drawing 3 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa drawing 3 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 0 0 Lisa drawing 2 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa drawing 2 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 1 0 Lisa drawing 1 by Maddie-dite13 Lisa drawing 1 :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 0 0 Lisa with a clipboard by Maddie-dite13 Lisa with a clipboard :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 0 0 Lisa pondering the situation by Maddie-dite13 Lisa pondering the situation :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 0 1 Maddie meets Lynn by Maddie-dite13 Maddie meets Lynn :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 2 0 Maddie meets Luna by Maddie-dite13 Maddie meets Luna :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 1 0 Maddie meets Lucy by Maddie-dite13 Maddie meets Lucy :iconmaddie-dite13:Maddie-dite13 1 0


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Maddie-dite13's Profile Picture
Maddie L.
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I love the Anti Fairies - they're far smarter than the fairies. My celeb crush is Mr. Adam Young from Mr. Young. My fave Loud sister in the Loud House would be Lisa. I have lovable parents. I'm very smart, as well as being very good at cartooning!

It's obvious Lisa Loud is my favorite Loud sibling... Why? A few pics may tell you...

Sugar-High Lisa by Maddie-dite13
She looks great sugar high!

Future Lisa by Maddie-dite13
Her future self looks good!

Lisa pic 1 by Maddie-dite13
She has the best smile

Lisa experimenting by Maddie-dite13
She's the smartest girl at only 4 years old!

Levi by Maddie-dite13
Her boy counterpart, Levi, is very cute!

Excited Lisa by Maddie-dite13
She has the best excited face.

Blonde Haired Lisa by Maddie-dite13
She'd be a wicked smart blonde, crushing every stereotypes of blondes.

Lisa as an anti fairy by Maddie-dite13
She'd make an awesome anti fairy

Levi as a fairy by Maddie-dite13
Levi would be the only smart fairy!

Lisa Loud poster 4 by Maddie-dite13
There are so many good sides of Lisa!

Pug Lisa by Maddie-dite13
She makes an adorable pug

Bald Lisa by Maddie-dite13
She looks good bald
Lisa crying by Maddie-dite13
She's so cute when she cries
Lisa the Leprechaun by Maddie-dite13
She makes a good leprechaun
Lisa the Mona Lisa by Maddie-dite13
She makes a good Mona Lisa!

Lisa the salesgirl by Maddie-dite13
She makes a good salesgirl!

Lisa's trophy case by Maddie-dite13
She's so successful at only four!

Lisa Loud's Inside Out Emotions by Maddie-dite13Her Inside Out emotions are awesome!

Lisa's life timeline by Maddie-dite13
Her life is exciting,


Baby Lisa by Maddie-dite13
She was a really cute baby
What happens when Lisa clones her siblings (including herself) and Clyde.

Lisa clone by Maddie-dite13
Lisa clone

Lincoln clone by Maddie-dite13
Lincoln clone

Clyde clone by Maddie-dite13
Clyde clone

Lola clone by Maddie-dite13
Lola clone

Lana clone by Maddie-dite13
Lana clone

Lily clone by Maddie-dite13
Lily clone

Luan clone by Maddie-dite13
Luan clone

Lucy clone by Maddie-dite13
Lucy clone

Lori clone by Maddie-dite13
Lori clone

Lynn clone by Maddie-dite13
Lynn clone

Luna clone by Maddie-dite13
Luna clone


Leni clone by Maddie-dite13
Leni clone.
Loud House siblings by Maddie-dite13
The Loud siblings.

Lisa by Maddie-dite13
Lisa, the genius

Lincoln Loud by Maddie-dite13
Lincoln, the only boy

Lola by Maddie-dite13
Lola, the beauty queen

Lana by Maddie-dite13
Lana, the tomboy

Lily by Maddie-dite13
Lily, the baby

Lucy by Maddie-dite13
Lucy, the goth

Luan by Maddie-dite13
Luan, the comedian

Luna by Maddie-dite13
Luna, the rock star

Lynn by Maddie-dite13
Lynn, the jock

Lori by Maddie-dite13
Lori, the oldest


Leni by Maddie-dite13
Leni, the ditz.

Loud House genderbent siblings by Maddie-dite13
Genderbent Loud siblings. From the episode "One of the Boys"

Levi by Maddie-dite13
Levi, the boy Lisa

Linka by Maddie-dite13
Linka, the girl Lincoln

Lexx by Maddie-dite13
Lexx, the boy Lola

Leif by Maddie-dite13
Leif, the boy Lana

Leon by Maddie-dite13
Leon, the boy Lily

Lars by Maddie-dite13
Lars, the boy Lucy

Lane by Maddie-dite13
Lane, the boy Luan

Luke by Maddie-dite13
Luke, the boy Luna

Lynn by Maddie-dite13
Lynn, the boy Lynn *note the same name...

Loki by Maddie-dite13
Loki, the boy Lori


Loni by Maddie-dite13
Loni, the boy Leni.

Loud House age-swapped siblings by Maddie-dite13
What the Loud sisters look like if they swapped ages.

Lisa age swapped by Maddie-dite13
Lisa age swapped (16)

Lola age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Lola age swapped (15)

Lana age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Lana age swapped (14)

Lily age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Lily age swapped (17)

Lucy age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Lucy age swapped (13)

Luan age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Luan age swapped (6)

Luna age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Luna age swapped (6)
Lynn age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Lynn age swapped (8)

Lori age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Lori age swapped (15 months)


Leni age-swapped by Maddie-dite13
Leni age swapped (4).
Introducing, A life of Maddie Dite! A vision of innocence, beauty, and brains.
Fairies by Maddie-dite13
The Fairies are the bane of my existence...

Maddie (me!) by Maddie-dite13

Me - the queen of New Hampshire and soon THE WORLD!

My Anti Fairy Godparents by Maddie-dite13
My Anti Fairy Godparents. They grant my every wish!

All Anti fairies by Maddie-dite13
All the Anti Fairies - the coolest magical species known!

My Inside Out emotions by Maddie-dite13
My inside out emotions. I'm a big ball of joy!

Foop Clinton by Maddie-dite13
Your next president - once Donald Trump gets impeached or overthrown....

Anti Timmy by Maddie-dite13
Me as an anti fairy - will have all the power in the world. I'd be the anti Timmy, no thanks to Timmy becoming a fairy.

Lisa by Maddie-dite13

Lisa, my favorite Loud sister in the Loud House. She's so smart, much like Foop & Anti Cosmo!

Anti Cosmo by Maddie-dite13

Anti Cosmo, the brains of the whole operation!

Timmy by Maddie-dite13
Timmy, my polar opposite

Jonas by Maddie-dite13
Jonas, my ex-boo. I miss him so much!

Ashley A by Maddie-dite13Ashley B by Maddie-dite13Ashley Q by Maddie-dite13Ashley T by Maddie-dite13
The Ashleys - my good friends, who will be destroyed! JK. They are super rich, though.

Remy by Maddie-dite13Christian by Maddie-dite13Jon by Maddie-dite13

The three hunk-sicles in my life. Which one should I choose?

Mommy Dite by Maddie-dite13Hunkules by Maddie-dite13
My awesome parents - what would I do without them?

Sweetpea by Maddie-dite13
Sweetpea - may she rest in peace :(

Bella by Maddie-dite13Pumpkin by Maddie-dite13
Bella & Pumpkin - my 2 rambunctious cats!

My Awesome Family by Maddie-dite13
My awesome family is a keeper!


Loud House by Maddie-dite13
The Loud House, the best show known!

So these are all the things and people I come in contact with every single day! Wish me luck.

Now for my top 13 dreams:

  1. To be successful
  2. To be president
  3. To make my parents proud
  4. To be independent
  5. To make my presence known
  6. To defeat any evil enemies
  7. To live forever
  8. To lose weight
  9. To have world peace
  10. To graduate high school
  11. To find true love
  12. To get a job
  13. To have kids!


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BlueWolfRO Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your drawings!I see a lot of potential in them!I'm a Loud House fan too!
Maddie-dite13 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Cool! Who's your favorite character? If it isn't obvious, mine's Lisa!
TannerxDelia Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Oh and Lola too
TannerxDelia Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I like Luan
The-Psychid Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017   Writer
My favorite's Lisa, too. Pervy Lisa 
Maddie-dite13 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
She is wicked smart and sweet! Much like me!
BlueWolfRO Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Mine is Lincoln!
The-Psychid Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017   Writer
Hey, did you know it's Lara Jill Miller's birthday today? Lisa Loud Chat Emote
Maddie-dite13 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
I know! I twittered her a happy birthday - and she responded! She even knows my name (granted my twitter name is my name...)
The-Psychid Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017   Writer
...Lucky... :stare:
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